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Shipping Policy

SHEconomy is a free service to buyers as well as sellers on SHEconomy. No fees or commissions are charged or collected by SHEconomy from either buyers or sellers. Buyers ‘buy & pay direct’ to businesses hosted on SHECONOMY. Sale amounts are not collected or received by SHEconomy in any way. Communicate direct. Buy direct. Pay direct.


SHEconomy does not sell on behalf of any sellers, neither does it collect any payments for any orders to sellers on SHEconomy. SHEconomy does not fulfill or ship any orders on behalf of any sellers on SHEconomy. SHEconomy does not take possession of any goods/services sold by sellers on SHEconomy.


When buying on SHEconomy Platform, you are buying directly from individual sellers on SHEconomy Platform who host their independent business websites on SHEconomy web hosting platform. Your payments and orders to such seller is governed by the policies of such individual seller (including their shipping policy). You can review these shipping policies on respective seller’s website by visiting their websites / webstores hosted on SHEconomy or communicate directly using information given publicly under Contact Us section of their webstore / websites. SHEconomy is not responsible for any shipping by any sellers as all sellers on SHEconomy Platform are independent business owners running their own business without any intervention of SHEconomy Platform. SHEconomy’s role is only to provide a free web hosting platform to women led businesses, using which sellers can host their websites, and buyers can reach out to such unique businesses worldwide.